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Your Safety Is
Our Priority

Pilot-Guard network ensures global pilot safety through real-time information exchange among pilot organisations worldwide.

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Real Time

 Real-time exchange of safety-related information



 International pilot

safety network



Ensuring the highest standard of safety protocols

Empowering Global
Maritime Pilot Safety

Pilot-Guard enables the exchange of non-compliant Pilot Transfer Arrangements (nc-PTA) between pilot organisations. 

Pilot Organisation Profile

Manage your organisation with the access rights of pilots and employees and always keep an overview.

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Upcoming Vessels

Display a comprehensive list of vessels due to arrive in port with important details such as the assigned pilot, the vessels' known PTA errors and their vessel history.


Filter reports by vessels or ports to pinpoint safety trends and implement targeted improvements.

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The Pilot-
Guard App

Capture new defects yourself while on the go and receive defect alerts from colleagues.

  • Who is behind Pilot-Guard?
    The Pilot-Guard platform is developed and operated by the maritime IT company TRENZ (, based in Germany. The company has specialized in the needs of sea and harbour pilots for over 10 years, developing software and electronics for the pilot industry worldwide. For instance, all 900 German sea and harbour pilots rely on TRENZ's expertise and manage their services through the Pilot Information Assistant (PIA), which has been developed and operated by TRENZ for years on behalf of the German Maritime Pilots' Association.
  • Who can become a member of Pilot-Guard?
    Pilot-Guard is designed to be inclusive and accessible to all pilot organizations and individual pilots, offering them the opportunity to become members. Commercial companies (such as ship owners and agents) will not have access to Pilot-Guard.
  • Which countries and organizations are already members of Pilot-Guard?
    In our current initial phase, you can receive a list of current and potential members upon request.
  • What does Pilot-Guard membership cost?
    As we embark on our journey of rolling out the platform internationally this year, we're excited to introduce Pilot-Guard to as many pilot organizations as possible. During this expansion period, users of Pilot-Guard will not incur any ongoing costs. Instead, there will be a small one-time onboarding fee. For more detailed information, please reach out to us at
  • How can I become a Pilot-Guard member?
    Simply get in touch with us. It's best to email us first under and arrange an appointment for a video call.
  • Is Pilot-Guard influenced by advertising from commercial companies?
    The answer is a clear no. Pilot-Guard is and will remain an independent platform. We do not offer opportunities for companies to place advertisements on our site. Our commitment is to maintain the integrity and impartiality of Pilot-Guard, ensuring it serves solely the interests of our members and the wider pilot community without external commercial influence.
  • What standards does Pilot-Guard rely on?
    It is crucial to establish a standard for exchanging international information on NC-PTA, enabling seamless data exchange across systems globally. Pilot-Guard already adheres to the standards of over 1,700 pilots in major European ports including Antwerp, Rotterdam, Hamburg, and Bremerhaven, and is accessible for connections worldwide. We are open to collaboration with the rest of the world.
  • What technical requirements does Pilot-Guard have to use the system?
    Pilot-Guard can be accessed without the need to install any software, via a web browser as well as through the PG smartphone app (iPhone / Android).
  • Can Pilot-Guard be integrated into the existing software of my organization?
    Yes, Pilot-Guard optionally provides an interface (API) for the integration of external software systems.
  • Who has access to the data stored in Pilot-Guard?
    Only registered members of Pilot-Guard can view the information stored in the shared database. An access control system regulates the data access within Pilot-Guard. Each member individually decides and configures which other members they share their data with.
  • What happens to my data if I leave the Pilot-Guard Community?
    All personal data (related to the member and their accounts) are immediately deleted. All information and reports contributed by the member are fully anonymized and retained as historical data for statistical purposes.



TRENZ had the vision of a worldwide system for cross-organisational exchange on nc-PTA



As early as 2022, TRENZ decides to design such a system at its own expense and risk



TRENZ starts development of Pilot-Guard in 2023 after finishing Ladder Reporting App (LRA) for the Bundeslotsenkammer



The first Pilot-Guard demonstrator is completed in the first quarter of 2024


Steffen Schmedes

Fon:  +49 160 97 93 89 61

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